Commercial establishment TECNOLOGÍAS SINERGIA It was created on September 16, 1998 in order to develop and implement business management solutions in different sectors such as health, education, government, agribusiness, industry, commerce and services. Since our house was formed Software developer, we have made successful contributions of technology for public health management as in the Institutions of Provision of Health Services. One of our flagship projects is the progress in the use of data networks to integrate processes into integrated information systems for IPS, giving effective use to the Internet.

One of the most important developments that Technologies Sinergia SAS has made, has been the information system for the Institutions that Provide Health Services, which was called SIHOS WEB. This It consists of different modules that unify and standardize the information of the organization always having a single data by any of the offices, in addition to integrating the assistance and administrative areas.The software is marketed in entities of the health sector and the service of implementation, after sales, technical support and help desk, to guarantee our customers the most appropriate solution to their needs. Our technical support is based on different types of support, through face-to-face visits, via the internet and through the support desk that the contracting company has.Currently we are proud to say that we have more than 300 satisfied customers throughout Colombia, 50 products, multiple services and 15,000 users who have relied on the benefit obtained with our products and services. The success of our company lies in the research, development, innovation and closeness with our clients that has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the generation of ICT solutions, under the latest technologies and rigorous standards of work and quality.

In addition, we have a great team always perfecting the service given to our customers: professionals with the skills required to maintain and improve the product; as well as providing the best after-sales service and technical support.