We are specialists when it comes to consulting, designing and developing highly complex web and mobile products based on CMMI standards, supported by research, development and constantly innovated processes which allow us to create products and services on the cutting edge of technology, applied to the specific needs of each client.


All of our products and services are supported in the most recent generation of Frameworks, with MVC design patterns that allow us to produce reliable, predictive and successful results.


Our focus on agile thinking helped by Scrum, XP or Kanban, together with knowledge of repeatable processes are the fundamental components of our success which allow us to help our clients produce fast, trustworthy and efficient software products. Our work team is composed of highly trained professionals trained in programming languages such as Java, C++, .Net, Python, PHP, Node.js, GO, Angular, React, and Vue among others, which are used to develop backends and frontends that exchange information safely using the WEB REST y GraphQL services.

We are specialists when it comes to consulting, designing and developing highly complex web and mobile…

We provide both in-person and virtual technical support services according to the needs of our allies…

Our experience supporting standardization processes aimed at instructing, involving…

We are here to help you.

Tecnologias Sinergia S.A.S is the best ally when it comes to finding custom software, an integrated and automated solution for various business processes. We help companies to optimally solve those needs by implementing IT solutions efficiently.


Years in the market


Clients happy's


Users use we solutions
  • 1. Customer satisfaction.

    We in SAS synergy technologies care about our customers and not only for them but also for their customers, we have received the CMMI SVC certification, reaffirming our quality with which we serve our customers.

  • 2. Our quality in Development

    We have received the CMMI DEV 3 qualification in one of our developments, affirming the quality of them, applying the best technology to provide the best solutions.

  • 3. We optimize processes

    With our solutions we optimize the processes of your company, making it more productive so that you can respond to your customers more effectively!

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