We provide the best attention to our users

  • Our work team

    We have a select group of committed, responsible professionals, with constructive, recursive and highly qualified thinking immersed in a permanent process of training and appropriation of new technologies, standards and trends, which allows us to fully meet the expectations of our clients.

  • Our clients are a community

    Each feature, requirement or functionality within our ERP developed for a client, is disseminated to all others as part of our continuous update and improvement policy..

  • Experience in various markets

    With our solutions we have been able to positively impact the public and private sector through multiple technology-based projects in the health, government, education, among others.

  • Antiquity e Innovation

    We have worked for more than 20 years recreating a better future for our customer community, through innovation processes and permanent updating; which has allowed us to be at the forefront of technology in all our solutions.

  • Reliability and responsibility

    The impeccable resume of TECNOLOGÍAS SINERGIA S.A.S. It is the greatest indicator of success that our clients can have when choosing us as strategic allies in the implementation of business solutions.