SABER PLUS is a software tool specially designed to support Colombian educational institutions in the adequate preparation of their students for the presentation of SABER TESTS with a view to obtaining excellent results.

What is Saber Plus?

SABER PLUS is a web application where you can learn about the environment, the methodology and the management of the different tests of the Ministry of National Education of Colombia allowing students of primary, secondary and vocational secondary education to train by presenting simulations online. These simulations are evaluated and analyzed automatically by the system, identifying the faults of each student, providing important data to the teachers and educational institution in order to reinforce the appropriate areas of knowledge in order to optimize the final results of the SABER tests.

What can you do?

SABER PLUS allows periodic drills to be carried out in a timely and permanent manner, the progress of each student or group of students through statistical analysis and contrast with historical data retained by the platform, thus evaluating the effectiveness of the improvement activities and the evolution of the students.

Some of our functionalities

  • System based on Roles and multiple users </ li>
  • System configuration </ li>
  • Testing </ li>
  • Test analysis </ li>
  • Feedback </ li>
  • Periodic update </ li>
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