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NOTAS PLUS is a software package specialized in supporting the school management of educational institutions in Colombia, designed to meet the needs of the academic management of primary, secondary, technical and vocational secondary schools. It has a friendly and intuitive user interface in which the appropriate controls and icons have been carefully chosen to identify each task, taking special care with visual standardization.

Our objetive

  • Provide a fully functional system from the web so that our clients can manage their school processes and allow them to generate reports to managers, teachers, parents and students. < / div> </ li>

  • Allow our clients to comply with the requirements established in the Law for the management of educational institutions. </ div> </ li>

  • Comply with computer security policies and policies to protect information through backup copies, intrusion filters and other techniques. </ div> </ li>

  • Have a fully scalable software which can be expanded by modules without the need for individual installations. </ div> </ li>
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Some of our characteristics

The main module of NOTAS PLUS is Academic Management. This module allows our clients to carry out various school processes such as: Qualifications, Enrollment, Creation and visualization of newsletters, Generation of student lists, Generation of reports for SIMAT, among others. </ Div>
Some of our features are </ strong>

  • Periodic update and online support </ li>
  • Unique database per client </ li>
  • Online registration </ li>
  • Role-based system </ li>
  • Creation of academic years </ li>
  • Online record of notes </ li>
  • Schedules </ li>
  • Complete information of students and teachers </ li>
  • Custom bulletins </ li>
  • Reports, statistics and graphics </ li>
  • BIBLIOPLUS library module </ li>
  • Messaging module </ li>
  • Institutional chat </ li>
  • Creation of static content </ li>
  • Data definition and personalization of the institutional portal </ li>
  • Calendar of events </ li>
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And even more!

Commitment to the environment </ strong>

Understanding the environmental problems and conditions suffered by the planet, this tool was designed to maintain the company’s ecological commitment to the environment, so that all reports, Documents and statistics can be handled, sent and received electronically, saving or avoiding the use of paper. </ div>
Constant improvements </ strong>

NOTAS PLUS is not a static application, that is, it will always be in the process of being updated and improved according to the demands that arise every day. Our team will always be innovating and creating modules that allow you to have a general control of the educational institution and can fully cover the expectations in this software solution. </ Div>

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