TECNOLOGAS SINERGIA S.A.S., responding to the needs of our clients that insist on powerful platforms for the management of daily activities, have generated CLOUD solutions that permit the use of our tools through the Internet without having advanced IT infrastructure, servers or robust communication networks to obtain all the benefits of SIHOS. Our CLOUD solutions are highly available, secure, fast, and have levels of flexibility depending on the degree of customization needed by the each client.

    CLOUD SIHOS – ERP is a service developed under the best manufacturing practices which allows flexibility in company processes to improve the levels of control and completion of financial activities.


    CLOUD SIHOS – HIS allow transversal and intelligent control to be established that lead to quality and opportunity in the health services processes, using standardized and unified repositories reach all areas of the institution.


    TECNOLOGIAS SINERGIA S.A.S Committed to the formation Better professionals, has created tools that allow the strengthening information technology and communication training in the health sector, providing customizable technological components that adjust to the needs of institutions in the education sector.